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I know what it's like to be a rebel industry pioneer entrepreneur. It's been a central part of my character for the last 50 years. I've started and operated many small to medium size innovative and disruptive companies. I have decades of experience with sales, vertical integration, marketing, personnel, negotiation, advertising, campaigning, e-commerce, warehousing, shipping, international and domestic trade, as well as attorneys, accountants, bankers, designers, politicians, financiers, property managers, government officials, lenders, activists, merchants, builders, and the like.

I find simple innovative solutions to complicated and seemingly intractable challenges. I set goals and achieve them via meticulous strategy, tactical planning, and execution.

For many years, I was a high-profile entrepreneur in the gray market electronics industry and helped pioneer the “underground” culture that went with it. The industry came to an abrupt end with the economic crash of 2008, and I became a licensed N.Y. real estate broker. I was obliged to transition many years of "practical" business practice to a new paradigm of transparency, compliance, confidentiality, regulation and client loyalty.

As an entrepreneur in the legal, regulated cannabis industry, I recognize the importance of making this same transition not only as an individual but for the sake of our fledgling industry and community, as they transition from black market operations to the mainstream.

It has become clear that an MRB’s long-term sustainability is directly proportional to the quality and transparency of its compliance and accountability and FINCANN is committed to helping you achieve this goal.

I decided to focus on compliant banking and payment solutions since they are in many ways fundamental to this goal. To enhance my value to both MRBs and financial institutions, I became a member of national and local banking compliance trade associations, attend their conferences and chapter meetings, and have completed the American Bankers Association BSA/AML Certificate training programs.

Notwithstanding, I possess well-honed entrepreneurial skills and experience in all aspects of running disruptive enterprises, and am happy to offer innovative, expert advice and practical solutions that specialized professionals may find elusive.

Consultations and referral to resources are always complementary! We only accept payment for specifically agreed-upon deliverables.

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Tahlia Fagan

After receiving a Magna Cum Laude degree in International Business and Global Management from New York University, Tahlia went on to a successful, intensely client-centered career in New York City real estate, earning her license as an RE Salesperson and joining the RE Board of New York (REBNY).

Tahlia worked for several top-tier New York area brokerages – Blackstone (StuyTown), Town Residential and Citi Habitats – where her people skills, laser-focused follow-up, and consummate professionalism were key components of her success in this highly-competitive field. Tahlia assisted customers through all aspects of the process, from viewing properties to complex mortgage arrangements, finalizing of financial documents, and myriad closing details.

In addition, Tahlia was co-founder and principal of Contessa Event Staffing & Management, a business dedicated to meticulous event planning and consulting; organizing, staffing and executing/catering customer parties, events and business meetings. Tahlia’s curation from initiation to finish assured complete customer satisfaction.

Tahlia has an avid interest in analysis and research and loves to work in a fast-paced and dynamic team environment within a demanding, ever-changing and growing business atmosphere.

Tahlia is a "big-picture" individual with impressive negotiation and interpersonal skills who possesses excellent communication and analytical abilities.

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