The Cannabis Banking Financial NetworkTM

FINCANN is a network of cannabis-friendly U.S.-based financial institutions which service all segments of the multi-billion dollar cannabis industry.

FINCANN is your advocate and expert guide supporting you through the initial onboarding and due diligence phases to cost-effectively achieve your principal goal: stable, transparent, and simplified banking. Through FINCANN’s growing consortium of financial institutions, marijuana-related businesses (MRBs) in plant-touching and ancillary roles can access basic banking services without complicated workarounds.

By obtaining a banking or merchant processing account through FINCANN, business owners no longer need to worry that they’ll lose their bank account or merchant processing services. By opening a bank account through FINCANN, the financial institution knows from the get-go that the business is in the cannabis industry, providing peace of mind for business owners whose accounts have been closed on them all too often, while eliminating the headache of searching for new financial solutions multiple times per year.

FINCANN also provides the tools and guidance for long-term sustainability.

Banking Services Available Through FINCANN: The Cannabis Banking Financial Network

Through FINCANN, cannabis and other high-risk businesses can obtain basic banking services, including:

  • Full-service business checking
  • Cash depository, including legacy cash
  • Visa and Mastercard credit card processing
  • Visa and Mastercard debit card processing
  • B2B electronic payment solutions
  • Payroll solutions
  • Employee accounts

Businesses FINCANN Serves

FINCANN services every type of high-risk plant-touching and ancillary business in the cannabis industry, CBD industries, and other high-risk industries, including:

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About FINCANN Leadership

FINCANN CEO Nathaniel Gurien has more than five decades of experience building simple innovative solutions to complicated and seemingly intractable challenges.

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