Fincann is an advisory and consulting firm specializing in cannabis and hemp industry banking and electronic payment solutions. We educate banks on the risks and opportunities of providing service to our industries, help them implement their new programs and introduce them to pre-qualified industry customers matched to their criteria.

Additionally, we partner with many industry-friendly payment solutions to provide their customers access to compliant, transparent bank accounts tailored to their needs. We also collaborate with newly-emerging solutions, helping them with banking, compliance and marketing. As a result, we have access to the best and latest solutions available and can offer them to both financial institutions (FIs) and industry customers.

Initial, general and exploratory consultations are always complementary. Fincann only charges clients for specific and contractual deliverables.

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How Fincann works with financial institutions

  • Education and training on the general risks and opportunities of banking the cannabis and related industries
  • Identification of individual industry sectors and the specific risks and opportunities of each
  • Develop a now and future SOP for your industry risk appetite and criteria
  • Detection of industry sectors currently operating within your institution without transparency or acceptance
  • Access to proven turnkey and al la carte compliance, reporting and transaction monitoring resources for transparent, compliant, sustainable and profitable support of those industry sectors you choose to retain or attract
  • Access to effective tools and resources to identify and remove from your portfolio those companies and sectors not currently welcome
  • Development of proven competitive pricing and marketing models to attract and retain market share in targeted industry sectors
  • Introduction to existing or new industry-friendly institution regional and national networks for enhanced market penetration and cost-effective centralized marketing, operations and administration
  • Complementary referral of pre-qualified industry clients consistent with your risk appetite, criteria, and market share expectations

How Fincann works with fintech clients

  • Industry marketing and market analysis
  • Introduction to compliant, sustainable banking and payment solutions
  • Interstate payments
  • Anti money laundering (AML) and know your customer (KYC) protocols
  • MTL licensing
  • Consultation and advisory
  • Referral to essential industry-friendly resources and vendors

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