Hear why these companies trust Fincann

“Like any person starting a new enterprise, I was lost.  In an industry that is not black and white, it’s important to find the right people to guide you through the process.  The people at FINCANN were exactly what I needed, when I needed it. They were diligent in partnering me up with the right people.  Additionally, they were very responsive to all of my questions. I highly recommend FINCANN to anyone who has a need to set up a cannabis business properly.”

Zack Feitelberg

Littlefinger, LLC - Los Angeles, CA

“I want to thank you, Nathaniel and Diane! You are awesome!
Could this be a record? I started the process with FINCANN on the 16th of August to open a business checking account and on the 22nd of August the business account was opened. I had months of no luck getting an account beforehand. Then I found FINCANN in my searches and left it in their hands. The team really took care of business for me! I still can’t believe I was open in six days! Great work! Now it’s time for merchant processing. Thank you again!”

John Hoffman

Doobie Hempman, New Braunfels, TX

“I spent several months unsuccessfully searching for a hemp-friendly checking account. Then I found FINCANN, and within a few days I was pre-approved to apply for a 100% transparent checking account with a major bank. A few weeks later I made my first deposit. The cannabis financial world is pretty difficult to navigate these days, so it was very refreshing to work with Nathaniel and his team. Their experience and professionalism shines, and the personal touch they gave to my business was deeply appreciated.”

Tucker Pyne

Elk Mountain Hemp LLC, Rogue River, OR

“FINCANN saved our business!
We all know how fluid and ever-changing the cannabis and CBD industries can be on a moment’s notice. FINCANN helped us secure an operational bank account with a cannabis friendly bank close to our area. We had been without banking for quite a while and it was getting difficult to transact sales and pay bills without banking solutions. We were not sure how much longer we could hold on. It took some work and patience but it paid off. Thank you FINCANN for your personal service. We would recommend to anyone in a similar situation.” 

J.F. Grover

TriAlpha7 LLC, Prescott, AZ

“I found FINCANN after another similar group was unable to connect me with reasonable financial solutions and were not being completely transparent about what they were offering. Speaking to Nathaniel was like a breath of fresh air and gave me hope again for the small e-commerce business I am hoping to launch. He understood the obstacles I was facing and ensured me that he would work with me and we would find the right solution. Everybody at FINCANN has been excellent and very easy to work with!”

Lauren U.

Simpsonville, SC

“I spent a frustrating week trying to open a bank account before contacting FINCANN. Once I contracted with FINCANN, the process was simple and we had our bank account with a reputable bank within 2 weeks. I highly recommend FINCANN” 

Melody & Robert Hunt

Resolve Naturals LLC, Santa Barbara, CA

“Transparency is extremely important to us, we wouldn’t do business any other way, and FINCANN was instrumental in achieving this goal.  FINCANN introduced us to a world-class banking partner and we now have a fully transparent bank account as well as an extremely supportive banking partner! Working with FINCANN was a pleasure and we are forever grateful for their professionalism and expertise.”

Andrew Johnston

Loihi Life LLC, Jackson, WY

“I had a pleasure working with a team of professionals from FINCANN to help me set up my first online CBD business in New York City.  The entire process was very smooth because they are knowledgeable of all of the requirements to setup your business and I always had assistance when needed.”

Armen M.

Vigorous Earth LLC, New York, NY

“Thank you so much for all you have done. I truly appreciate it. I had my last bank account terminated for being ‘marijuana related’, as I was selling legal industrial hemp products and CBD. I had recently just launched my online store so I needed a new business banking account ASAP. A Google search session on the topic eventually led me to a company by the name of FINCANN. I read on their site that they have banks within their network that understand the legality of hemp products, and they could set me up with a transparent and compliant CBD checking account. I decided to give them a shot and in a very short time I was able to have my new, transparent bank account up and running. Major thanks goes to their support team, especially Tahlia. She walked me through the entire process and was on top of EVERYTHING. Don’t go through getting your bank account taken out by surprise… Having the peace of mind that your bank knows what industry in you are in is invaluable.”

Christopher Rago, President

Brightside Hemp Shop, Willingboro, NJ

“It was an amazing experience working with FINCANN to source our banking and merchant solutions. The team was so helpful and responsive in a space that can be difficult to get traction.”

Carson Nyquist, Founder

Le Lush Wellness LLC, Atlanta, GA

“For a new startup, it’s incredibly important to work with people that are honest, hard-working and resourceful. From the inception of our business relationship, FINCANN showed themselves to be knowledgeable, dedicated professionals who continually have proven responsive and effective in their practice. Each team member did their best to provide support and guidance as we navigated the often unpredictable and erratic high-risk business merchant setup process. FINCANN did their best to simplify and streamline our transitions and have continued to serve as a reliable resource in our business structural development. 

We would recommend the services of FINCANN to any business of any size for their professionalism, resourcefulness and personable customer service. It has been and continues to be a pleasure to work with FINCANN.

Tom Martinez

Cloud Commons, Brooklyn , NY

“After many failed attempts at finding a bank that had affordable rates and agreeable terms, FINCANN was able to quickly and efficiently coordinate a banking solution. Thanks!”

Gia D. and Daniella I.

Corte Madera, CA

“FINCANN helped our new business establish a legitimate CBD bank account within weeks. They were very thorough and guided us through the process the whole way. They are also very knowledgeable about current industry regulations which is critically important. We would definitely work with them again and highly recommend them to our friends.”

Tim Reardon

Blue Loi LLC, Arcadia, CA

“FINCANN was so responsive and efficient. I received a transparent bank account within a week of submitting my application. They are friendly and know the industry so well. I highly recommend working with this great team! Thanks!”

Meghan Ward

Ergo Hemp Co., Westchester County, NY

“FINCANN helped and is still helping us so much through all tedious and annoying process of obtaining a bank account in cannabis market, letting us to concentrate in our business, and making easy all process. IF a problem arises, Tahlia is there to assist. Thanks!”

Sergi Jiménez


“FINCANN provided me with exceptional support. Tahlia was diligent in ensuring that I succeeded in obtaining the needed communication with the right people to get my business to the point it needed. I can’t thank FINCANN enough for the support and the continued partnership we have built.”

Jorge Vazquez

Goat Logic

“Fincann has been a great resource to us, responsive and helpful in assisting us with our banking needs. Tahlia in particular was very helpful, and followed up throughout the process until it was completed. I would recommend them any time.”

Jared Dalgamouni

Hawaiian Choice / Rare Cannabinoid Company

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