Fincann Unveils First Of Its Kind Merchant Processing for Dispensaries

Fincann is proud to announce the addition of merchant processing for dispensaries and other THC licensees, adding to its vast suite of financial services geared toward the entire cannabis industry.

With Fincann’s fully compliant card payment solution, bank and credit card network bans on cannabis transactions no longer impact your business. Forget workarounds like cashless ATMs, digital wallets, and obscure company names on accounts – our merchant processing solution is transparent, fully compliant, and sustainable.

Any state-legal, plant-touching entity can use our in-person merchant processing solution. That includes medical and adult-use dispensaries, processors, cultivators, extractors, and delivery. Wherever on the plant-touching, THC supply chain your company operates, our solution is there with you.

Adding true merchant processing to your payment options is a big step up from standard cashless ATMs. Gone are the days of rounded-up sales, customer fees, and disguised DBAs and addresses. This system allows for exactly-priced sales without fear that your cashless ATM workaround will be pulled from underneath you at any moment.

Fincann’s merchant processing lacks early termination fees, application fees, and annual fees, plus it’s not contractually binding. We keep our fees at industry standard, too: Our pricing of roughly 3.3% + 35¢ per transaction is about the same as most mainstream businesses around the U.S. You’ll also pay only $30 per month for PCI, online reporting, and account statements.

Since the Fincann merchant processing debit card program is 100% bank-approved, it allows you to transition directly to accepting credit cards without changing your equipment or merchant account number once appropriate federal regulations are enacted. In fact, all the major debit networks endorse and approve our merchant processing program. As such, full bank and processor disclosure isn’t just a perk of our solution – it’s the very foundation of this incredibly useful merchant processing solution that we’re excited to introduce.

The Fincann solution is a true merchant account, so with our technology, you can be on the same page as the non-cannabis businesses in your area. To learn more about how it works and apply for an account, visit the merchant processing page on our website or contact a Fincann representative by phone or email. Your fully cashless, transparent, legitimate cannabis payment solution is more than just around the corner – it’s here now.