October 2, 2018

Paying with cards at marijuana dispensaries? It’s complicated

Marijuana may be legal in your state. Does that mean you can pay for it with a credit card? Confoundingly, there are two answers to this question. The first one is, maybe – some marijuana dispensaries claim to accept credit cards. The second answer, though, contradicts the first one. According to numerous experts, the major credit card networks do not allow merchants to use their cards for marijuana purchases – they do not even have a merchant code for such […]
October 2, 2018

Here’s Why Cannabis Experts Are So Bullish on Blockchain Technology

Money Morning Director of Technology & Venture Capital Research Michael Robinson made four big cannabis predictions for 2018, including the role cryptocurrencies will play in the cannabis industry… “I’m predicting that 2018 will see a major convergence of cryptocurrencies and legal cannabis. We’re just starting to see the first glimmers of this happening now,” Robinson told us on Oct. 3, 2017.
October 2, 2018

Ep.52 – Nathaniel Gurien ~ How to Successfully Bank Your Cannabis Industry Business

Episode 52 of the Rootd podcast welcomes in Nathaniel Gurien, CEO of FinCann, a cannabis banking financial network who is providing cannabis-related businesses and ancillary companies with bulletproof bank accounts and merchant processing services. Nathaniel is an expert at cannabis banking and shares some of the top misconceptions about banking in the industry. He explains how to operate a successful bank relationship and how little danger there actually is for the big banks if they wanted to get involved with […]
October 2, 2018

O. Miles Pollard Jr., mortgage banker, board member, real estate developer, remembered for connecting with people

Local business leaders remembered O. Miles Pollard Jr. Monday as an entrepreneur who made connections with people all over the world. “If you didn’t like him, there was something wrong with you,” said Jake Netterville, the former managing director of Postlethwaite & Netterville, a Baton Rouge accounting firm. “He was a fascinating person who led a charmed life.”
October 2, 2018

Nathaniel Gurien Interview: Bringing Banking and Payment Solutions to the Cannabis Industry

Nathaniel Gurien is the CEO of FINCANN, a company bringing compliant banking and payment solutions to the legal cannabis industry. We recently invited Nathaniel for a Q&A session to talk about his background and his company FINCANN.
September 28, 2018

This Is the Most Profitable Point in the History of the $10 Billion Marijuana Industry

Ahead of the national holiday for cannabis enthusiasts, April 20, we wanted cannabis investors to know about the history of marijuana. That’s because we’re entering the most profitable point in the controversial plant’s history, and knowing the history of the cannabis industry means you know which companies are developing truly innovative solutions.
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