December 15, 2021

The Visa-Cannabis Conundrum: FINCANN Statement on Recent Visa News

In response to the December 2021 news that Visa has issued a warning against cannabis businesses utilizing cashless ATMs, Fincann CEO Nathaniel Gurien released the following statement: The major card networks, including Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover, are opposed to supporting the cannabis industry due to much of the same prejudice and misunderstanding that discourages the banking industry. As a result, I’ve seen and partnered with many often inspired attempts seeking to circumvent this resistance to cannabis credit card […]
October 7, 2021

Cannabis Business Funding: Where Does It Come From?

Cannabis businesses historically struggle to get any assistance from traditional financial institutions. By understanding your funding options, you increase the chances of having more cash on hand for your next step.
July 20, 2021

Cashless ATMs vs. Compliant Merchant Processing

While it may seem like a decent alternative, there are plenty of reasons to forego cashless ATMs altogether, first and foremost that these workarounds are patently illegal. Here’s what you need to know about cashless ATMs and how compliant merchant processing solutions stack up.
June 23, 2021

What Do Banks Require for CBD Websites?

Banks that agree to work with hemp-based CBD products have set up best practices and guidelines that all relevant operations need to follow. Here’s what you need to know.
June 7, 2021

Cannabis Business Loans and Lending: What’s The Real Deal?

Cannabis-related companies have historically had a hard time securing funding. There’s evidence, though, that a recent groundswell of support could change everything when it comes to cannabis companies in need of lending.
May 25, 2021

Unique Banking Challenges MSOs Encounter

What are some of the issues that impact an MSO’s ability to access banking?
May 10, 2021

Cannabis Seeds and Banking: How Does It Work?

If cannabis flower is federally illegal because it contains THC, are cannabis seeds legal because they don’t? The issue is complicated.
May 6, 2021

How Sen. Chuck Schumer’s Plan Could Change Federal Cannabis Laws

Proponents of cannabis legalization have had a lot to celebrate in recent months. But while the executive branch may not be that enthusiastic about cannabis, there is gaining momentum in the legislative branch.
April 30, 2021

How many banks work with cannabis? It’s fewer than you think.

Banking services are one of the cornerstones of starting any successful business, but the cannabis industry has ben unfairly shut out for quite some time.
April 15, 2021

What to Do If You Lose Your Dispensary Bank Account

If your bank refuses to continue servicing your plant-touching business or otherwise dismisses you, here’s what you need to do next.